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The Importance of a CTA on Your Website

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The Importance of a CTA on Your Website

There are a lot of websites these days and for one search through the internet, it will generate numerous options. If you own a website or if you anchor your business on digital platforms, having people check out your site is the goal.

To achieve that there are things that you should take note when building and maintaining your website. In addition to utilizing easy-on-the-eyes graphics and friendly interface, your site should have something to encourage visitors to do something.

CTA is the acronym for Call To Action. This can be a button, a link or a text field that is visible on the site and that encourages users to do things from filling out forms to exploring the page further. This button keeps the visitors on your site and drives them to know more about what you are offering.

Here are some reasons why it is important to have a CTA section on your website:

It generates more leads

Call-to-action buttons that asks visitors to share a section of your page or to subscribe to updates on your brand can give you more potential customers. Subscription can work as a consistent follow-up with users on what has been going on with your site and may even entice them for a promotion you are having. Generating more leads is worth the cost of website design over time so it should be taken into consideration.

It increases conversion rate.

Conversion is when your site visitors become actual patrons and actually are part of your paying customers. Call-to-action buttons that offer free trials specifically increase the chance of getting customers to try your services or do business with you. Most of the time, leads to your site can be overwhelming but if you check the actual number of people who actually become your customers, it may not be as much.

This is why a CTA is necessary. This makes them do something or at least, so far as ask for a quote or additional queries.  Here is how to write a good CTA.

It helps promote your website

One of the popular CTA links is to your other social media pages. This can lead to better promotion of your brand and can increase your site visitor rate. Along with a main website, having presence in social media greatly establish your presence and makes you visible across numerous platforms and consequently, be indexed higher.

CTA is important because this can serve as the additional sales pitch you have for your customers when they visit your website. It makes your page more interesting and nudges the users into getting to know more about your business.

4 Mistakes on Your Website You Need to Fix Now

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4 Mistakes on Your Website You Need to Fix Now

Is your website working to your expectations? If not, there is a chance that you’re making some mistakes. Basically, website design mistakes will ruin your online business. A nice website is fundamental for gaining new visitors or customer’s credibility. An ideal website will offer a steady flow of targeted leads, optimal user-friendly experience, and an ongoing sale. The best time to take a look at your web strategy is now. In this piece, I’m going to share with you some common mistakes that need to be fixed as soon as possible.

Four mistakes on your website and how to fix them


Website optimization is a daunting task. You may think that your website is optimized when you search your business name in the search engines and it comes on the first page. This only happens when your customers already know your business name.

How to fix

You can implement these two simple tips:
– Use key phrases – These are used in heading tags, title tags, meta description, etc.
– Install sitemap appropriately – These enable google to search and index your site.

Website usability

Another mistake is when a website isn’t clear about what you do. It should state clearly the products and services offered. It should also state the benefits to the audience. You might not be clear with your products or services but remember, it only requires about 15-20 seconds capturing the attention of the audience, or they’ll just click the back button.

How to fix

Website usability is all about telling your visitors three things.
– Here is what we got
– Here is what we do for you
– Here is what to do next


Blogging is another mistake basically because it’s a missed opportunity. It is the biggest chance that can help you get more leads and enhance your search results. Many people underrate blogging, but it actually generates three times as many leads than traditional marketing methods.

How to fix

It is recommended to blog at least once per week. It is also recommended to add a CTA at the end of each blog to capture the leads. Offer something valuable in exchange for their contacts details.

The idea that your website is good enough

Last but not least is the idea that you have a website and that is enough. You may think that your online business is up to the standard but that’s not true. A website is just like a garden. It requires proper care, and you’ll need to invest in web design if you want to grow.

How to fix

Don’t think that all is well when you rank on the first page of Google. You may fail terribly because Google changed its algorithm over 500 times. This might affect your search engine results and therefore, a frequent update is necessary to maintain your search research on the first page.